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Give A Planned gift to Unity of Santa Barbara Endowment Fund

We are here to leave the world better than we found it.

Your generous support keeps our vision alive for generations to come.

Unity of Santa Barbara’s (UoSB) ministry has inspired thousands of people over its nearly 100-year history. Give a planned gift to the UoSB Endowment Fund that will ensure UoSB’s financial sustainability and honors our historic and remarkable spiritual community.

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You can be a part of creating a world that works for everyone with a planned gift to Unity of Santa Barbara (UoSB) Endowment Fund. You want children to learn they are perfect as they are. You want people from all backgrounds to hear the message of Oneness. You want to make a difference! When all is said and done, it does not matter what method you use or what amount you give, what truly matters is your intention to perpetuate, for countless generations. Please consider a planned gift to the UoSB Endowment Fund.


Planning for the Future of Unity of Santa Barbara

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Planning for the Future of Unity of Santa Barbara

The future of Unity of Santa Barbara (UoSB) is bright with a gift to the endowment fund.

UoSB has a permanent endowment fund with the Santa Barbara Foundation, who manages the fund as part of their investment program. This is an opportunity that provides UoSB income annually to support the church, its programs, and plans. The investment strategy seeks to achieve long-term growth of the fund with a reasonable level of risk. Currently, UoSB can draw out 5 percent (annually) of the 12 quarter average market value of the fund. For example, a $200,000 fund provides about $10,000 in support each year.

As the endowment fund grows, each year the annual income will grow and the fund will provide more financial stability overtime. As such, it is an excellent option for donors looking to make deferred or larger gifts.

Your generosity opens your life to further blessings.

Thinking about making a gift to UoSB?

What form can an endowment gift take?

Gifts made to the UoSB Endowment Fund can take many forms. The Santa Barbara Foundation provides professional gift planning assistance for UoSB and its donors, facilitating gifts of all types including:

  • Cash: This includes gifts of cash, checks, and wire transfers.
  • Current gifts of non-cash assets: A current gift of non-cash assets can include stocks and real estate.
  • Charitable bequest: A charitable bequest is a gift made under the terms of a will. Because a bequest is flexible and revocable, it is the most common type of deferred gift.
  • Gifts of retirement plan assets: A gift of retirement plan assets can include leaving UoSB as a beneficiary designation on a retirement account (IRA, 401K, 403B, etc.).
  • Gifts of life insurance: A gift of life insurance can include leaving UoSB as a beneficiary designation on an annuity or life insurance policy.
  • Charitable trusts: A gift can also be made through a Charitable Giving Trust.


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