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It's time for a NEW THOUGHT

Practical and powerful courses for individuals looking for growth and change.. Our goal is to provide students all the tools needed to develop and grow in leadership. But most importantly, we provide a direct path of deep self-development that practically guarantees a happier and healthier life!

Wings bookstore is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11 AM – 3PM, and also on each Sunday
following service. We invite you to come peruse the books, gifts and more available.

Our beautiful Santa Barbara, CA location is conveniently situated downtown, near State St. and across from popular Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden. Noted as a Historical Landmark, our campus features timeless style, modern amenities, and built-in comfort, making it an ideal venue for various types of both large and small gatherings. For more than 60 years, Unity of Santa Barbara has been a warm and welcoming campus.

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NTA is a modern-day Mystery School, and we look forward to seeing you evolve, to fulfill what your soul’s mission is asking of you in this world. The time is NOW and the world needs you.

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