Who We Are

What We Do

People say from all walks of life that our community feels like “home.” Those who follow our spiritual teachings find themselves on an enlightening journey to discover their true awakening. At Unity, everyone is recognized as a spiritual being.  Anyone who is searching for an empowering place that embraces all people and honors all spiritual paths, Unity is just that place.

What We Stand For

Amazing things are happening here!

We are a radical positive and inclusive, spiritual community established in Santa Barbara who are dedicated to honoring the magnificence of God’s creation and Universal Law inherent in everyone and all sentient beings.

We are Unity and we are also New Thought. We teach and model truths that are mystical and reflect Unity, Science of mind and modern day mysticism. We teach a positive message that supports each man, woman, and child on his or her own unique path to understanding the power and presence of the divine active in the world. Rather than focusing on what divides people, we affirm the common ground that unites us all in one human collective.

Unity has many teachings, all of which are taught with the understanding to take what is right for you and leave the rest. We have no creeds or doctrines to which members must ascribe because only the living Spirit of Truth within the individual can identify what is true for him or her.

Talking about the Truth is not enough, everyone must live their life affirming Truth.

Our Core Values

Our vision for the future of our campus is to continue reaching individuals throughout the world through messages, classes and sacred gatherings. We know with our teachings of unconditional love and acceptance and self reliance, the world can exist with collaborative intentions and peace.

Growing with Intention

  • Unity commits to inspiring people to live their greatest life through Sunday services, our online presence and beyond. We understand that as more people embrace the Unity teachings, the world is more loving, healthier, safer and a more abundant place for all.


Inclusion and Diversity

  •  Unity is a diverse and vibrant community of all people. The individuals and families that call Unity their community express divinity in a myriad of ways.


Expressing through the Arts 

  • Unity honors the creative process as a spiritual practice. We provide the teachings and environment that encourage individuals to experience the divine through a variety of artistic endeavors and experiences.


Sacred Service

  • Unity encourages people to lead through sacred service. We recognize that service to others in our community and in our world promotes a consciousness of oneness.


Leading Edge

  • Unity is known as a leading edge and dynamic community around the world. Through innovative use of the arts, technology and human resourcefulness, our community models excellence in all we are and do.

Unity's 5 Basic Principles